8 Great Puzzle Books for All Ages

If you love puzzle books and are always looking for something new to keep your attention you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some great options for puzzle lovers of all ages! There’s no one size fits all when it comes to a great puzzle so these selections are varied for everyone’s tastes. Which book will you pick?

Maze: Solve the Worlds Most Challenging Puzzle

Want a real challenge? This book is ideal for children ages 12-17 but adults can also enjoy it. This isn’t a puzzle that you work out with a pen or pencil. The book is one giant maze. Every page is a different room that leads to other rooms/pages. You must find the shortest route to the center and back while also solving the puzzle in the middle room. Every room is also a puzzle filled with clues to decipher.

Challenging Logic Puzzles
In this puzzle book you’ll find an assortment of challenges, including a wide variety of logic puzzles. Many different styles of logic puzzles are presented such as those who use tables to sort the relationships between things, word-play puzzles, and illustration based puzzles. Each is designed to make you use your brain! As you go through the book the level of difficulty increases and the last puzzle in the book may have you really scratching your head. Every puzzle has a solution included so if you really are stuck there’s a key to help uncover the answer.

Jumble Mania: A Collection for Passionate Puzzlers Jumbles
If word based puzzle books are your thing then this book will keep you happy for hours. Some of the puzzle jumbles will be quick to solve while others will leave you with a little more room to think. The pages are also in larger print so good for children or anyone who has trouble reading smaller print.

Cryptograms: 269 Entertaining and Enlightening Cryptoquote Puzzles
Cryptograms are fun, entertaining and a real challenge to decode. Each cypher in this book is based on a quote. The puzzles are medium to challenging and are a great way to pass time while exercising your mind. The book has two separate sets of hints after the puzzle section to assist in case you get stuck.

My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles Dover Recreational Math

If you love math and logic than this puzzle book is the right one for you. The author wrote a column in Scientific American for twenty five years and compiled some of the best puzzles from those columns in this book. Each one is a unique puzzle. No advanced math skills are needed to complete them and anyone who does enjoy a little math fun will certainly have a good time solving these.

Brain Games Crossword Puzzles Large Print Brain Games Unnumbered

What do we love about this book? First it has a coiled ring making it very easy to flip pages and go through the book. Second, the print is large. There’s nothing worse than trying to solve a crossword puzzle when you can barely make out the letters on the page! A good gift for children or those who simply don’t want to squint while trying to do their puzzles!

Puzzle Barons Logic Puzzles: Hours of brain-challenging fun!

This book has over 200 grid-based logic puzzles to tackle. Use the backstory and clues given to deduce the solution to each of the problems. If you love to piece together clues and facts than this book is the one to keep you busy for hours!

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World, Book 1
Ideal for ages 8 and up this connect the dot puzzle book is a bit more complex than it might seem. There are a variety of images that will encourage you to think broadly and make the right connections to complete the picture. This book is also a good choice for families with children of different ages. Younger kids can complete the easier puzzles while the more difficult images are reserved for older children.

There they are, eight great puzzle books to start your puzzle journey!

8 Great Puzzle Books You'll Love

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